Star Wars Movies Ranked

Well, it's Star Wars Day's followup, Revenge of the Fifth, and since half of this blog's last few posts have been about Star Wars, I'll make another one that expands upon my Star Wars: Episodes I-VIII post, and not just by listing them, but by ranking them, and by including spinoffs too, with some rewrites... Continue Reading →

How I Would Have Saved Episode IX

So, the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy was fundamentally flawed from the start. Most things I like about it come with an asterisk, and, as I said in my Rise of Skywalker review, maybe Episode VII should not have been conceived as the beginning of a trilogy at all but rather as a single-episode epilogue about... Continue Reading →

“Talk to Her” – Crowdfunding Campaign

One of the reasons I haven't been so interested in writing about movies recently is because I've been more interested in writing actual movies, and I've just launched the crowdfunding campaign for the first 2D animated short I'm producing: "Talk to Her", about a shy community college student who's trying to build up the courage... Continue Reading →

My Letterboxd

As my interest in being a movie blogger is pretty much dead (I had an archive page of a bunch of movie reviews from my previous blogs, but I foolishly deleted it with no backup), I'll redirect you to my Letterboxd here if you're still interested in my thoughts on movies. God bless.

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